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"Discover how you can be the most confident,
funny and relaxed wedding MC ...
even if you've never done it before"

Stop here - this is the wedding mc guide

Look below for Sample Templates to
Welcome the Bridal Party, Introduce the Speeches, what to say at the Cutting of the Cake, Bridal Waltz, Throwing of the Bouquet, Catching of the Garter, Farewell Circle, and Guard of Honor.(phew!)

If you've been asked to be the wedding MC
- you're about to discover the key to a successful reception.

If you're the Bride or Groom
- your stress free reception starts here.

you've found the way to a great wedding
Master of Ceremonies experience.
click to watch pete Miller wedding MC

We are proud to present this Special Edition of
- the complete guide for anyone who has been asked to MC a wedding
and needs to know exactly what to do to look good and sound great - now!

Finally, a fool-proof system designed to make MCing a wedding
an entirely hassle-free affair - and save you money at the same time !

This guide has everything the wedding emcee requires
to ensure the reception runs like clockwork.


I know what you're thinking.

You've agreed to be the wedding MC but the date is FAST approaching - and you're starting to feel the pressure build.

Soon it will be you at the lectern with the microphone in your hand - and everyone listening to your every word.

You'll be coordinating the entire event - without nearly enough experience!

Well, 10 years ago, that was me. I was absolutely panicked - and it showed. I thought it was going to be my first and last wedding MC job because I never had anything to help me prepare. There was just nothing available.

But since then, guess what? I've been the Master of Ceremonies at over 1,000 weddings and I really adore it. It's such a privilege.

Consequently, because there was no books on the subject, I started to write down everything I learnt as the MC so I wouldn't forget it the next time.

And here it is for you. Instantly available as a downloadable hand-book. (Don't you just love the Internet)

If you are a bride, the groom, a family friend or a practiced public speaker, here is your answer to a fabulous reception and a relaxed and entertaining time at the microphone as the perfect wedding Master of Ceremonies.

This is an easy-to-follow guide that is also quick to read - it should only take you a few hours.

And it gets incredible results; you can read some of the testimonials from grateful MCs later on.

In fact, I will guarantee that your wedding MC experience will run smoothly - as long as you follow the straight-forward path laid down in the eBook.

I know that is a bold claim to make - but you're about to find out why I can say that with so much confidence.


This easy-to-read guide to a successful wedding reception includes all the essential information you need to be the perfect Master of Ceremonies.

* comprehensive MC's CHECKLIST so you'll have everything covered

* the WEDDING PARTY DETAILS that lists everyone involved

* RECEPTION RUNSHEET including Grace, Dinner, Speeches, Cake, Waltz, Garter, Bouquet, Circle, Archway.

In under a minute and a half, you can be on your way to cheers, laughs, hoorays, compliments, rave reviews and recommendations because you - the MASTER OF CEREMONY - was organised, told appropriate humorous jokes, and made everyone feel welcome with your ability to bring the group of guests together.

There are stacks of tips on how to handle nerves, and word-for-word templates on what to say and how to say it.

And it is easy to understand because it is written in straight-forward english - so you can be on your way to performing as a successful MC immediately..

This is the short-cut you have been searching for. This is the answer to a happy, well-organised, original and memorable wedding reception.


Pete Miller

Here is a tiny sample of what you can expect inside this practical handbook:

As a beginner MC, don't try and 'wing it' because you feel that over preparation might diminish your spontaneity. All the best MCs make it look natural, but you will find that they have spent hour's polishing their performance so it looks 'off the cuff'. Think of preparation as free insurance.

Proper pronunciation of names is essential if you are to have any credibility in the eyes of the assembled audience. From the template called WEDDING PARTY DETAILS, note if any members of the Bridal Party have difficult or unusual names. Check the pronunciation with the bride or groom, write them out phonetically and practice saying them out loud.

Lecterns (also called a rostrum) are very useful but are not the most attractive additions to a room that has been carefully designed for maximum effect. Once the speeches have finished and the lectern will not be needed again, move it out of the way or to the side.

Whatever you do - don't get upset if something goes wrong. Even though you are in a powerful position, remember that you are the chosen leader that everyone is watching. You are representing the families of the bride and groom, the venue's reputation, and yourself.

No matter if there are drunks making rude noises and trying to put you off, or no-one is listening to you or laughing at your jokes, the music is too loud, or the children are running riot, never, ever lose your temper.

The one person who cant be late is the MC. You need to be inside the venue at least one hour before the time you welcome the bridal party in. The first duty is to tell the catering and functions manager you've arrived.

Then introduce yourself to the DJ or who ever is supplying your microphone. Test that the sound is 'bright' without guests in the room. Trust your ears. Walk around and make adjustments to the treble and bass to suit your voice. A good microphone is your best friend; I always bring my own.

Prior to the speeches, go around and introduce yourself to each of the speakers. Mention where they are in the order and how far away to hold the microphone. Use this opportunity to discover what kind of relationship they have with the bride and groom. This information will be handy when introducing them to speak.

(These are all photos of the author and super-experienced wedding master of ceremonies Pete Miller with happy bride and grooms)

Pete Miller the wedding MC
Pete Miller
Pete Miller is the author of You can be a WEDDING MC
Pete Miller
Pete Miller & another happpy bride and groom

"The only problem now is my two nieces are insisting I MC their weddings ..."

"I just wanted to say thanks for a great product, it was money well spent. I MC’d my nephews wedding on Aug. 11th 07 and with your book and plenty of preparation it went fantastic. Thanks again. The only problem now is my two nieces are insisting I MC their weddings now. Thanks for everything, I will recommend you to other people."

- JP Lyrette, Project Manager, Adelt Mechanical Works Ltd



"Your book was a fantastic resource for a novice like myself...."

Good day Mr. Miller

I had meant to send you this quite some time ago but it somehow got lost in the list of things to do.
I have been an emcee for weddings twice in my life, 11 years ago with no clue and 1 year ago also with no clue. I did however stumble across and purchased your book online.
I wont go into the details because I'm sure you have heard them all but let me say this. I wish I had your book 11 years ago and am damn glad I had that book at my disposal 1 year ago. Your book was a fantastic resource for a novice like myself.

Kevin Wanke

28th August 08

Dale Beaumont - creator of the Secrets Exposed series

"I have done a lot of public speaking in my time, however when I was invited to be the MCEE of a close friends wedding, I was struck with FEAR.

That is why I sort out Peter Miller's legendary book on the subject. 20 minutes of reading and I was relaxed and in fact looking forward to the big day.

Needless to say it all went smoothly and I had dozens of glowing reviews at the end of the night. Thanks Peter for creating such a great book!"

Dale Beaumont Creator of the "Secrets Exposed" series



"... your book meant I was able to enjoy the event"

"I've just returned home after the successful wedding of one of my best friends. A few months before the wedding, I'd been asked to perform the role of MC, but it was only a couple of weeks before the big day that I purchased your book.

I spent a few hours reading the book cover to cover and marking the most important sections with a highlighter. To my surprise, I became the family expert on the traditions of weddings...

Whilst I found the role of MC quite demanding - managing various service providers, happy revelers and excited family members - your book meant that I was able to enjoy the event confident in the knowledge that I had all bases covered!"

Thanks and well done!

Tim Longhurst is a Masster of Ceremonies

Tim Longhurst 5th December 2008


There are hundreds of testimonials like these because the advice in the book really does work to eliminate nerves and make the MC shine.

To cut a long story short, I now own an agency supplying professional wedding MCs to all the major venues; see A Wedding MC Hotline A WEDDING MC HOTLINE professional actors and compere's

So with the generous input of other expert wedding MCs, I have compiled all the techniques, tips and tricks we have learnt from 10 years experience into this very special package.

With word-for-word templates, I gently guide you through the process of what to say and when to say it.

For instance, you get

  • a sample run sheet or plan for the entire night
  • essential questions to ask the bride and groom BEFORE the reception
  • how to introduce the Bridal Party into the venue so the room instantly becomes a party place
  • what to say between one speaker and the next
  • how to smoothly link each part of the wedding reception together
  • short, quick and witty jokes to keep the guests entertained and laughing with you from Telegrams and one-liners to audience games and activities
  • clear examples of how to explain the bridal waltz, garter toss, cake-cutting, bouquet throw, catching the garter, the farewell circle, and guard of honor. (TIP: finish with a rousing '3 cheers'

With this guide by your side, the bride and groom will be the most relaxed people at the entire wedding and the MC will be the most popular person.

This manual is filled with information, images, cartoons, diagrams, explanations, and funny photos ... wait till you see the photo of what happened when a well-dressed lady reached enthusiastically for the bouquet and lost her strapless top. Oops!!!!!


Energy Levels at a wedding

the famous farewell circle

Especially for the bride and groom, this special edition includes :

My Top Tips on getting the most from:
*DJ's (music disc jockeys)
*The Venue and Function managers
*Hire Cars
*Entertainers and
*Wedding Coordinators.

With this information in front of you, you will know just the right questions to ask every supplier so as to get the very best service for the lowest price.

....and there is so much more information I've packed into this useful hand-book about the secrets of successful wedding receptions ... I wish I could list it all here!

And what's really exciting is that - you can be reading it in 90 seconds from now.

Buy it now

That's IMMEDIATE access to this treasure trove of information
- which is constantly updated with the very latest tips.

OK, now here is the BEST part:
You are safe guarded by a 100%, no-risk, money-back guarantee

In other words, if you feel that my book doesn't live up to your highest expectations, then just send me an email, and I will refund your money - no questions asked.


AND you can keep YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC for free!
That's how confident I am of the contents.

'Thank you for honouring your guarantee - it's a real testament to the work you do.' Graham Senft. Vancouver, BC

master of ceremonies

But that's not all. Can I make your decision any easier ?
Sure I can...

I really want to make this the best package available anywhere in the world, so I've put together the following FREE bonuses for you.

How about this:

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More JOKES and ONE LINERS that will have your audience in hysterics. I've built these up to a large volume.
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12 weeks email COACHING - ask me anything you like about MCing a wedding and I will reply within 24 hours.
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An invaluable article called A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF A WEDDING MC that was published in a leading bridal magazine. It tracks the course of a professional Master of Ceremonies at a wedding from the moment they arrive to the time they get home - fascinating, and very educational.
tick for bonus
A point-by-point WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN CHOOSING YOUR MC checklist. This has been re-printed many times - the brides reckon it is pure gold - and you will too.
tick for bonus
The first 2 chapters (36 pages) of UP FRONT IN CONTROL - advanced MC techniques.
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A 30% discount SHOPPING VOUCHER to my website. Any eBook you like on public speaking, corporate MCing, & how to have a great voice.
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You get all the 7 FREE super bonuses + YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC for just US$47 - saving you $$$ and ensuring that your first or next MC experience will be absolutely amazing. This is a tiny price to pay for peace of mind on the biggest night of your life.


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Pete Miller
International Master of Ceremonies

This guide has been carefully adapted for every english-speaking nation

United States of America
Great Britain South Africa Australia New Zealand

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PS Remember "YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC" is limited to immediate orders and I can only guarantee you'll receive the book and FREE bonuses at this very special price if you order right away. So don't delay - act now and make that fairytale wedding come true for you or your friend.

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This is the most complete step-by-step manual for a successful MC experience available anywhere in the world. It is the 'Bible' for professional wedding MC's. As proof, it is just about to be translated into 3 European languages - French, Spanish and Italian.

It has been selling as a paperback for a while now and has only just been made available as an eBook. It was selling on Amazon for US $90 -


'I wish you 100 years of happiness'
an ancient Vietnamese Wedding Blessing


this book will make you a successful MC

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Praise for previous editions of YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC

I was recently asked to be an Emcee at my niece's wedding in Toronto. Never having performed as an Emcee before, I immediately commenced my research on the internet and came across your book
'You can be a Wedding MC'.
In short order, I was the proud owner of both, your book, and the audio material and after reviewing the same I felt a little less apprehensive about the upcoming event (250 guests were to be invited to the reception!!).
Thanks for the step by step approach recommended in your book, the Bride and Groom commented on how organized everything was!! During and after the wedding reception almost every guest, including the Bridal party, complimented me on the success of the evening. Many guests believed that I was an Emcee by profession!! The ultimate compliment was being offered an attractive $ figure for a future job as an 'EMCEE'!!!!

Thanks again Pete and I believe that "My Success Was Yours!!!"

Elizabeth Crudgington, Vancouver, British Columbia

I found your book to be the best entrance into the world of a wedding MC; a complete and comprehensive guide to ensuring my clients special day ran smoothly and was memorable – I look forward to many years of being a wedding MC using your valuable tips and guides – a must have for all Compere’s & MC’s

Simon Heart, Professional Magician, Gold Coast Queensland

Just wanted to drop you a line and thankyou for the terrific book "YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC". As best man at my best mates wedding recently, I was also requested to perform the duties of the MC. When I was asked to do this, I accepted without thought of what this job actually entailed. As the date grew closer I began to become concerned due to the fact that I had absolutely no idea what really went on at wedding given I usually turn up and proceed to just PARTY!!

I searched out your book and with its guidance enabled my friends to have a superb night. I not only received compliments on my performance, but people actually told me they were taking notes - as they had similar things to do in the future.

I am accustomed to public speaking and as such this was not an issue - however the small amount of nerves which are always around before any performance were confidently hidden due to the fact that I knew exactly what I was going to say and when. The words I chose to use from the book for introductions and welcomes were so perfect - succinct yet special. Thanks again – I could not have done it without you.

Duncan Savage, Hot Ice Partners

I just wanted to 'Thank you' once again on the fabulous book 'YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC'.
It truly has made a difference to my confidence and my approach to my personal goals.
I am a customer service officer for an office supply retailer. Last week I had my first gig as a Wedding MC and I am definitely looking at it as a healthy source of income. The book thoroughly covered all the questions and fears about being an MC; let alone public speaking. You truly are to be credited on a book which has changed my life.

Thank you Peter and I wish you continued success for your re-print in the overseas market.
Yours Sincerely,
Steven Degollacion steved_75 [at]

I tracked down a copy of your book at Dymocks – Chatswood. The book helped a lot. I had read your other book UP FRONT AND IN CONTROL but I needed something more specific to weddings. I got the book just in time and it helped me modify my introduction to put more of the focus back on the wedding couple and the significance of the day, rather than focusing on being funny or entertaining, which is secondary. I was very happy with how the MC role turned out, and the humour ended up presenting itself naturally anyway.
Alex Manning A.Manning [at]

Praise from a distributor / retailer:
Peter Miller's "YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC” book has been part of my product range for approximately 2 years. I've found that it sells very well - it effectively delivers what it promises and is the only book that targets the topic that I'm aware of. It's an excellent gift idea for anyone wanting to feel confident about acting as an MC.
Nadia Fullerton


Here is the photo of my niece in her role of Wedding MC. This book was very helpful for my nephew (the groom) and my niece (the MC) in assisting them to structure their speeches and toasts. My niece ended up delivering a very humorous speech and using your book as her prop with many references to you and the book. The common phrase by the end of the wedding was 'my friend Peter says .....’

Dayle Grant daylegrant [at]


My original idea of a Wedding MC would have been a short path to disaster.
However, with your brilliant book I was able to develop and customise a running sheet that gave the Bride and Groom an event to meet all their expectations and exceed many. Your book allows the MC to work within a comprehensive structure but still be spontaneous.
Paul G Bailey

If you are likely to be asked to MC a friend's or relative's wedding, this is the book for you. For anyone who can 'string a couple of words together', there is always the prospect that a well meaning friend or relative will unexpectedly make that fateful request one day. This happened to me recently and, in no small part due to Peter's book, I was able to ensure that my friend's special day was memorable for all of the right reasons.
YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC is easily digested and contains all of the necessary tips and practical guidance for a budding MC. Dare I say it; there are even examples of humour to ensure the wedding reception rolls along in good spirit.

I congratulate Peter for producing such a valuable reference tool and, in so doing, ensuring that many weddings do not become an unwitting funniest home video entrant. YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC should form part of everyone's 'must have' reference library.
Brad Petley. b.petley [ at]

Hi Peter

A few weeks ago my girlfriends friends asked me to be their wedding MC. I had never been the MC of a wedding before. My only involvement in weddings until now has been as a professional wedding photographer. Whilst I know what the agenda is at a wedding reception it’s obviously very different to be instigating that agenda.

After reading your book ‘How to be a wedding MC’ I was surprised at how much was involved in doing a proper job as a wedding MC. I thought it would be straight forward, but I now know it was the ‘tricks of the trade’ that I got from your book that made all the difference.

I was overwhelmed with compliments. The Bride and Groom, their parents, the bridal party and other guests congratulated me. I really appreciate the many things that a wedding MC must do and realize that missing only one of these things can ruin the reception. Even if someone is comfortable with public speaking I highly recommend the ‘You can be a Wedding MC’ book.

Thanks Peter, the small cost was well worth the investment.

Kind regards

Daniel Hughes weddings [at]

“I Do” Photography



Thankyou for your assistance.

I was MC at my friends wedding on the weekend and it all went off nicely. Although I have MC'd quite a few functions over the years, I hadn't done a wedding. Your book 'YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC' was very helpful. Not only for me, but also for the bride and groom with establishing a suitable format for the evening. I managed to slot in a few of your one liners which were well received. The groomsmen were a little unorganised so we also used some of the telegrams from the book.

The bride and groom were very pleased with the whole night.  
Thanks again for your help.

Kind Regards,
Bill Robertson bill.robertson [at]

G'day Peter,

Upon discovering your book "You can be a wedding MC" I have to admit, after an already stressful day making wedding cakes, this pre-prepared speech (along with templates) made everything seem like clockwork. I have been in the wedding industry for 17 years and specialise in modern (mainly chocolate) wedding cakes and pride myself with the reputation I have within the bridal industry and local resorts.

To cut a long story short my younger brother got married yesterday and I was cake maker and MC at one of my most popular resorts - 'The Bonville International Golf Club'.  This was make or break time, I was confident the cake would be a success with years of experience but the MC bit was totally new to me and with all the staff knowing who I was, along with family and friends expecting (or at least hoping) for something fresh and creative to match the style of the cake AND especially our bride & groom the pressure was on... I was tired, a tad nervous but confident with my preparation all thanks to this awesome book.

As it turned out, everything ran so smoothly simply because of your templates and the easy, straight forward layout. I printed the templates on decorated paper and presented the folder (at the end of the night) as a keepsake for the Bride & Groom and, in turn hoped it to add to the professionalism by 'me' as the MC. 

Peter - thank you so much, I hope this message gets to you because you honestly have no idea how much this night meant to me! As you would well know, the bridal industry is a powerful business for those who go that extra length to make the bride & grooms day extra special. And, of course we have businesses and individuals whom we personally highly recommend.

In saying that, I would like to sincerely thank you for going that extra yard and bringing out this book and should add that you have already been mentioned to some 'new' relatives who were eager to get some tips from me because they have the same job coming up. You have given me the inspiration to do the same with my wedding cakes. Keep an eye out over the next year because when my book comes out over the next 12 months it will be dedicated directly to my family, my TAFE teacher (who pushed me to the limits in the first place) and YOU for giving me the incentive to take my business to the next level.

I started writing for a book 12 months ago but stopped because it wasn't creative enough but now that I’m on a new high I’m taking a different angle. Congratulations on your award for 'Wedding MC of the Year'. I know there are heaps of quality MC's out there and we can only hope they are heading in the same direction as you!   

Sorry about the long message but praise is necessary when it is deserved!
Kind regards
Kerry Sullivan
'NSW Top Apprentice of the Year'
Winner of 'The 2002 Australian Baking Industry National Scholarship Awards' 
Modern Cake Creations


Pete Miller - author of YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC



Peter Miller winning MC of the year
Winning MC of the year in 1998

wedding MC crowd
Controlling the crowd at Curzon Hall
Peter Miller MC wedding pink bride
I love my work
Wedding MC laqua
What a party
The MC celebrates catching the bouquet
My favourite photo of how an MC can help the celebration

5 Easy Steps to MC A Wedding MP3 audio recording


5 Easy Steps to MC a Wedding audio

5 Easy Steps To MC A Wedding

Listen and Learn How to Voice “Your Speeches”

weddingmcpin Understand the way it suppose to sound from an experienced
Professional Wedding MC so you got a feel for it so you should practice out loud.

weddingmcpin Learn the tone, mood and excitement

weddingmcpin Learn on the go in the car on your phone or iPod. Listening is easier than reading for some.

5 easy steps to mc'ing a wedding


immediate delivery



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